Friday, February 1, 2008

Sweet Potato Pound Cake with Quick Caramel Glaze

I was overdue in making something for my colleague Chuck's birthday. Since I now feel beyond certain that I can't go wrong with Nancie McDermott's Sweet Potato Pound Cake, that's what I made. This time, I tried it with Quick Caramel Glaze. For the glaze, butter, brown sugar, and evaporated milk are cooked just to a boil. Then, confectioners' sugar and vanilla are added, and the glaze is quickly poured over the cake. This glaze sets up really fast, perhaps a bit faster than I was banking on. While the sliced cake looked as appealing as ever, the whole cake looked like it was slathered with spray-foam insulation.

P.S. You can follow this link to the recipe for this cake.


alisonvet said...

Spray foam insulation indeed! I do not knwo what I did wrong to screw up the recipe, but whatever it was resulted in a blah cake. Actually, this morning it tastes better than yesterday (lower expectations?), but not perfect. I guess I need to try again!

Spingoddess said...

OMG, Chris, this Sweet Potato Pound Cake is now my stand by when I have to bring a dessert anywhere. I've made it 3 times so far, and it's been perfect every time.

I find that a can of sweet potato puree (Whole Foods carries this around Thanksgiving, and I stock up) or a can of yams that I puree with a hand blender seems to work better than using baked fresh sweet potatoes, I'm not sure why.

Thanks again for sharing this awesome recipe!