Monday, February 16, 2009


Last weekend, we spent a couple of days in the Boston area. Among our various stops, we paid a visit to Flour, a terrific bakery -- one of my absolute favorites. Since the last time we were there, Flour has opened a new location on Farnsworth Street, so we stopped in there. Part of the haul is shown below (counterclockwise from top left): a Scharffenberger double chocolate cookie, an oatmeal maple scone, a piece of apple snacking spice cake, a lime cornmeal cookie, and a small loaf of cherry-chocolate bread. We also brought home a small triple chocolate mousse cake; however, it didn't manage the travel home well. On the other hand, it tasted really good even after its structural integrity was compromised.

I'm really psyched because Joanne Chang, owner of Flour, is writing a cookbook. I'm pretty sure she was in an office at the Farnsworth Street location late Saturday afternoon. I wanted to shout out my enthusiasm and eagerness for the impending cookbook, but I figured that blogging about it was going to be geeky enough. (That said, Joanne, if you happen to Google yourself or Flour and you find this, rest assured that you have one cookbook buyer looking forward to the new book.)

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