Saturday, October 13, 2007


Last weekend, I was in Minneapolis/St. Paul for the Twin Cities Marathon, soaking up the joy of a couple of unseasonably warm and humid October days. On the plus side, the race course is beautiful. On the even more plus side (the plusser side?), my pals accommodated a sudden U-turn on the way back to our hotel post-race for a stop at Cupcake, a bakery we drove past (3338 University Ave SE, Minneapolis). The cupcakes were a bit pricey, but in this post-race case, they were worth it. I got a sampler of flavors: Triple Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, Orange Dream, Peanut Butter & Banana, Turtle, and Chocolate Cream Pie. I think I liked the Turtle best: a chocolate cupcake with a bit of caramel filling, topped with a rich layer of chocolate icing and garnished with a drizzle of caramel and some chopped pecans. The Triple Vanilla was a pleasant surprise. The vanilla-frosted vanilla cupcake had a surprise vanilla-pudding filling. (OK, the filling shouldn't have been a surprise. It was Triple Vanilla, after all.) The only thing lacking with the Peanut Butter & Banana (PB frosting; banana cake) was a splash of something chocolate. Additionally, I was incredibly sad that I got there too late for a Pumpkin Cupcake. Pumpkin and its associated spices are definitely tempting my palate these days.

Sorry, no pictures of the cupcake bounty. They definitely were enjoyed, and Cupcake is worth a visit if you're in Twin Cities. In addition to cupcakes, they also have cookies, breads, some pastries, and savory selections (soups, quiche, etc.).

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