Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Am the Baker

For Reach the Beach relay this year, our friend John made us a snarky little CD with special songs for everyone. My song was The Baker by Aquabats; it includes the line, "A small vacation/I think I'll take/As soon as I bake/A chocolate cake." The six runner-passengers in Vantoo got an enormous chuckle from this song. (You can find it at iTunes if you're interested.) Anyway, I got home from RTB desperately wanting to make a chocolate cake. Go figure.

I made this Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake with a recipe from Hershey's. Nothing groundbreaking here. I've made variations of this recipe before. The cake is phenomenally moist. My only words of wisdom: If you make the cake and also the accompanying frosting recipe, double the batch of frosting. One recipe's worth is not enough.

This cake was a big-enough hit that Claire has requested it for her birthday cake.

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