Monday, September 17, 2007

Bundt Cake

Usually when a new magazine arrives, I turn the pages, think "Hey, I need to make this one at some point," then put it aside and forget about it. When the October 2007 issue of Bon App├ętit arrived, I took a look at the dessert feature by Julie Hasson and had to make Brown Sugar and Chocolate Chip Pound Cake with Maple-Espresso Glaze later that day. I ended up bringing the cake along for our weekend in New Hampshire for the Reach the Beach relay, and we managed to devour most of it in a couple of days. It seemed to be a big hit. From a baker's perspective, the only minor quibble I had was that the chocolate chips seemed to sink in the batter. Maybe next time I'll make it with mini-chips.


Pete said...

Hey, Chris: I'm not sure if you heard, but Brett Somers died. I'm sure she and Charles Nelson Reilly would enjoy some of this cake in the great beyond. "Brett said bundt, so I said chocolate chips!" Best to Karen. pedro

Chris H said...


Yes, there was great sadness upon learning of the passing of Brett Somers. Sheesh -- Brett and Charles, both in the same year.

How are you doing? How on earth did you find this blog? Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope you're doing well!

EricG said...

This cake was unbelievable. Maybe one of my favorite things you have made that I have tried (and that is a lot of stuff. It was unbelievably moist but not underdone. the moistness remained throughout the van ride and this was an awesome thing to nibble on between runs and naps! :-)