Friday, August 31, 2007

Another Work Birthday

This week, we celebrated another birthday at work. This time, it was mine, and we celebrated a week late because I was out of town on my actual birthday. Over the years, I've simultaneously tried to commemorate everyone else's big day while trying to conceal mine, but I guess that maneuver became untenable long ago.

This year, my colleagues Maureen and Krysta teamed up to prepare Incredible Chocolate Cake. As you can see from the photo Krysta so kindly sent me, it's a real showstopper. The cake layers are dense, with an almost flourless quality although the cake is not flourless at all. The layers sandwich a chocolate buttercream spiked with a touch of dark rum and a layer of raspberry preserves, and the cake is then covered with a bittersweet-chocolate ganache.

The cake was an enormous hit, and I lucked out because Maureen shared the recipe with me. I'm happy to have added Incredible Chocolate Cake to my collection, and a lucky guy to have had such a great birthday cake. (I now feel a lot less bad about not having gotten around to making my own birthday cake.) Thanks, Maureen and Krysta!