Sunday, March 18, 2007

Snow Day

Last Friday (and into Saturday), we had a whopper of a snowstorm, a late-season Nor'easter that dumped 10 in. of snow on us. (Repeat after me: March is not snow season. March is melting season. Whom can we write to about this tiresome circumstance?)

The only bottom-line reliably good thing about snow days is baking, of course. I'd had a hankering for peanut blossoms, and the storm gave me an opportunity to make a batch. Instead of using the regular (vile) milk-chocolate Kisses, I used raspberry-flavored dark-chocolate Kisses. Although the raspberry Kisses have a slightly medicinal aftertaste when consumed solo, they worked great as the center of a peanut blossom. This was comfort baking at its finest.

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