Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesdays With Dorie: Whole Wheat Bread

Nice, tight crumb.

For our second Tuesdays With Dorie assignment for September, we made whole wheat bread. This recipe was really straightforward and easy to make. I loved the way the bread turned out. At some point, I will try it! Due to scheduling issues, I ended up making the bread, slicing it, then freezing it. On the one hand, lame! On the other hand, I have two beautiful loaves of bread in the freezer. Can't beat that.

Henceforth in my blogging, I am going to label posts when appropriate with the tag "insane ingredient." If I don't have it, it has to be pretty out there. In this case, the bread recipe called for malt extract. After a quick search online to determine what malt extract is, I substituted molasses. Malt extract. Good grief.

Visit this week's hosts, Veggie Num Nums and The Family That Bakes Together, for the recipe.


Cher Rockwell said...

Yes, insane ingredient indeed!
But, fortunatley, this recipe was kind enough to not complain when substitutions were added :-)

Paula Montenegro said...

Insane ingredient all right. I had some and it was almost impossibly sticky from laying around for a long time. Wonderful loaves to have frozen!