Friday, April 20, 2007

Farewell, Missy

(Catching up here. It has been a busy couple of weeks.)

My colleague Missy has vacated her cube and moved on to a nice new job. As one of the pillars of the Lost Lunch Thursday group, Missy offered lots of lively insights and analysis. She actually scheduled her last day at work so that she could have one final Lost Lunch discussion with the rest of us. To celebrate her good fortune and to wish her good luck, we had a special dessert for her last day at our office: Tropical Carrot Cake (see my previous blog entry), Version 2.0: Mangoized. Instead of using the original recipe's pineapple pudding, which flavors both the cake and frosting, I made a mango pudding with the same formula but starting with frozen mango chunks. I was unable to find frozen mango-juice concentrate, so I used pineapple-juice concentrate instead. Nevertheless, the mango flavor came through just fine. Note how the cake looks almost pumpkiny from the mango.

I will definitely do the Tropical Carrot Cake, Version 2.0 again; however, next time, I will take my friend Ryan's cue and reduce some mango juice or nectar to use in the pudding. That ought to send the mango flavor over the top.

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